Beatrice Ridley Art Advisory offers independent curation and all-encompassing art advisory services to private collectors, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our expertise spans from modern masters to modern British art to international contemporary art. Our primary goal is to foster connections among artists, collectors, and global institutions, with the overarching aim of championing the arts as a cornerstone of civilization. With 16 years of experience, we specialize in consulting for various private collections and organizing exhibitions for both individual and corporate clients.

We specialise in supporting you through every stage of researching, acquiring, and curating an art collection, tailored to your distinctive needs and preferences. We cater to you as either a new collector or as a seasoned collector seeking to enhance your existing collections. We offer market insights, and impartial guidance, always whilst maintaining strict discretion and confidentiality. Leveraging over 16 years of expertise, extensive connections, and a deep understanding of the industry, we help collectors obtain notable artworks from both renowned and up-and-coming artists.

Art trip to Florence curated by BRA Advisory for the art club SNL, in collaboration with Katherine Zock, Director of The Friends of the Bargello and Spirit Now London


Art collecting is an enjoyable and aesthetic activity that demands specialized knowledge, market analysis, and dedicated time to view and experience to develop expertise and enable knowledgeable choices. We demystify the art world for you and help you steer through all its intricacies. We lead you through galleries, artists’ studios, art fairs, biennales, and auctions, offering insights into the worldwide art market and identifying emerging trends.

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We are dedicated to expertly guiding you through every facet of art acquisition, whether it be from domestic or international galleries, artists’ studios, esteemed private collections, or prestigious auctions. We offer you a thorough evaluation of value, pricing, and market analysis, as well as a meticulous verification of provenance, authenticity, and condition before any purchase. We ensure complete transparency in every transaction, providing clear and comprehensive details regarding all aspects and costs associated with your acquisition.

Art Experiences

Art Experiences

In a collaboration between BRA and the art community Spirit Now London, we craft exclusive art experiences designed to create meaningful encounters and nurture a sense of community. Our offerings include personalized previews of international art fairs, visits to private collections and artist studios, exclusive tours of galleries, museums, and auction previews, as well as unique opportunities to experience biennales, site-specific art installations, renowned art destinations, and special art events across the globe.

Each program and destination is carefully selected and thoughtfully curated to be one-of-a-kind, aligning perfectly with our client’s interests for a deeply engaging and enlightening experience. Our commitment is to provide our clients with an immersive journey into the world of art, tailored specifically to their preferences and designed to enrich their understanding and appreciation of the arts.

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Beatrice Ridley has many years of experience as a curator of art exhibitions for an array of foundations, non-profit organizations, corporations, and artists. From her curation of high-profile fundraising art events for the NSPCC and other charities to curating annual art shows for international corporations, her portfolio also includes curating individual exhibitions for a multitude of artists, each time creating a unique narrative that harmonizes the artist’s vision with the thematic essence of the event. Ridley’s meticulous approach to curating, characterized by her aesthetic sensibility and deep understanding of the art world’s dynamics, ensures that each exhibition she leads is not only visually striking but also intellectually stimulating, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.

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Collections Management

Beatrice Ridley Advisory is committed to meticulously managing every aspect of your art collection, ensuring its optimal care and oversight. This includes coordinating shipping, insurance, storage, framing, installation, archiving, documentation, and conservation. We proficiently handle museum and institutional artwork loans, charitable donations, as well as private sales, and deaccessions.

The management of collections is vital for the preservation, effective administration, and strategic growth of your art assets over time. 

Our team is adept in museum-grade database collections management software, ensuring precise handling of documentation, tracking of location, and verification of provenance. Our expertise in maintaining detailed collection information and asset documentation is indispensable.

A cornerstone of our service is the use of a highly secure, state-of-the-art, cloud-based collection management system. This system is designed for centralized, easy access to your personally owned art pieces. It is user-friendly and accessible from any internet-enabled device. This advanced system meticulously records the exact location and history of each art piece, complete with accurate timestamps, thus maintaining detailed logs and chronological histories. We uphold the strictest security standards to guarantee your privacy.

Our firm offers tailor-made solutions and private collection management profiles, ensuring that every artwork in your collection is thoroughly documented and readily accessible, catering to your specific needs and preferences.